Race for the Ribbon 5K

30 May

I got up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to run a 5K (the same one I did last year). Last year’s time was 35:47, and I ran the whole way. This year my time was 37:10, and I had to stop a few times for just a couple of seconds and once to throw up. I’ve NEVER gotten to that point before where I thought I would need to throw up and/or pass out. And it was at the very end too! I suppose I’m just getting older, but I just didn’t feel right today. My back was out of whack, and I wore almost-new shoes. So those are my excuses for not doing as well as I did last year. Plus, I had no one there with me like I did last year. Just knowing someone is there watching you spurs you on, and I just didn’t have that. Oh well. I signed up for another one on July 15 for the Delaware Hospice, so I’ll just keep training and do better next time!

And here’s a really bad photo of me at the start of the race. I’m the one in the green shirt. This will be the LAST time I wear a cotton shirt and long pants for a 5K. I must have had crazy for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I didn’t have anything to eat beforehand, and I know I didn’t hydrate well enough.

I really enjoy this 5K every year. They had a large amount of door prizes, and they offered Life Water, delicious bagels and toppings like peanut butter, and granola bars.

I for sure did not train very well before this race, so it’s time to pick it up!


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