17 Jun

I’m on to Week 7 of Couch to 5K. Last night was a continuous 25-minute run, and it was probably the best run I’ve ever had. I was in the perfect stride and not out of breath at all. I think that since I’m losing weight, I no longer have the knee pain when I run, and my legs don’t feel like concrete blocks. Yay!

I went to the weight loss doctor on Monday, and I’m down to 193 in his office. I’m down 7 pounds total. I’ve also lost a few inches here and there, and my BMI is at 30.9, so I’m almost not obese anymore! Woot!!! Oh, and I’ve also lost some body fat, but I can’t remember how much.

A new picture of me at 193.

I can see a difference almost every morning when I wake up. I get a little excited to look in the mirror to see if I can see any changes. =) Also, one good thing about running is that I am somehow toning my arms as I run. I’m definitely wanting some Michelle Obama arms!

I got an hour-long Swedish massage on Thursday… amazing! It even made me start thinking about taking night classes for massage therapy just for something to fall back on or do in my spare time.

Tip, Tricks, & Recommendations- Even though Jeff swears I’m wrong about this, I rub myself down with dryer sheets before I run, and it keeps the mosquitos away. I’ve done this for about 7 of my last 8 runs, and the only time I got bites was when I forgot the dryer sheets. I think they work!

Can any of you larger chested women give me a recommendation for a sports bra? I found this one by North Face, and I’m just weary about buying something like that and it not fitting right. It even has a front pocket to keep lip balm or your car key.


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