A little about me and why I see a weight loss doctor

23 Jun

Well here’s my story on why I started seeing a weight loss doctor…

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers on and off since I was in college. I would lose a little here and there, and I was totally busting my butt in the gym. I would eat my points to a “t”, but I could never figure out if I was eating too many of my activity points.

I joined the Y last March and had been going 3-4 times a week faithfully for about a year. I didn’t lose a single pound. I think I actually gained a few.

I even asked my reproductive specialist who has treated me for PCOS about my weight loss, and I asked him for Metformin. He said he wouldn’t give it to me, and all losing weight was about was “calories in, calories out”. I didn’t believe him.

One of my close friends recently lost a lot of weight by seeing a weight loss doctor, so I found one in my area (over an hour away), and I’ve been seeing him for a little over a month. He’s the only board certified weight loss doctor in my state, so I feel confident in his knowledge and abilities. For the first 2 weeks, he had me do everything on my own without the phentermine. I lost 3 pounds in those 2 weeks on my own. He then prescribed me with the lowest dose of phen (15 mg). It only affected me the first 3 days. I was dizzy and not hungry in the slightest. But after those 3 days, I had to wait the full month to see the doctor again for him to up my dosage. I lost 4 pounds at the last visit. So, I’ve lost a total of 7 pounds in about a month and a half. It’s not much, and I know that. I had a few slip-ups because I started to date someone new, and we went out to eat a lot. I have lost some points in BMI and body fat percentage, and I’ve lost inches here and there. And I’m 0.9 away from being classified as “overweight” instead of “obese”.

I’m okay with the slow progression because I’m seriously learning a lot about what my body needs to lose weight. I’m eating 1400 calories a day, and I’m burning about 400-500 by running or biking every day. And I burn about 2800 calories just by being alive, so I should be having a deficit every day of about 1800 calories. So, I must be adding muscle, because the weight should be coming off a little quicker, but it’s okay.


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