8 Jul
Yet again, I’ve made the mistake of having a liquid breakfast.
I brought yogurt in to the office to have for breakfast, but time got away from me. Instead, I had the Chobani honey-flavored Greek yogurt and strawberries for lunch.
I have to go to the Dewey Beach courthouse today at 4 to appeal a parking ticket I got last weekend. The cop failed to complete the ticket (he didn’t mark what I did wrong), so I’m doing what any normal person would do and appeal it.
After that, I’ll go to the Y to work on my arms, and then I’ll go out to the trail for a good run. I ran into one of the trainers at the Y yesterday, and she suggested I start doing some speed work, so I’ll be doing 6 rounds of 2 minutes fast running and 2 minutes walking/slow jog. Tina, the trainer, has been wildly encouraging ever since I told her I was running 5Ks. Every time I see her, I get to tell her about the improvement of my 5K times. She’s made some suggestions about running shoes and some other things. It’s so great to have her as a mentor!
I’ll post later about my speed work run!

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