40 Days to Fit

21 Jul

I found a new challenge by way of Eat.Sleep.Get Fit’s blog.

It’s 40 Days to Fit!
Anyone can join, at any time.

Today is Day 1…

FIT tip Day #1-Just Do IT!! Nike’s slogan is enormously successful for a reason. In order to be FIT…JUST DO IT!! Turn off your brain and just get moving. Strive to do “something” towards your fitness goals at least every other every day!

Featured Blog Post-http://blog.buffmother.com/1454/a-bit-about-buffmother/

You can join too! http://blog.buffmother.com/1384/40-days-to-fit-join-the-challenge/

So do you want to know what I did today to “Just Do It!!”? Of course you do! When I got home from work, I was hot and sweaty, and Aunt Flo is about to arrive, so I was having KILLER cramps. For a very brief second, I thought to myself “you can just stay home and take the night off from the gym”. But I quickly turned it around and said “if you’re EVER going to be skinny, you need to get your ass to the gym.” And by the time I got in my car, the cramps were gone, and I had an amazing work-out tonight! I did 10.4 miles on the stationary bike (9.5 in 30 minutes & a 5 minute cool-down the rest of the way).

I promise a real recap soon with lots of pictures of my sweaty self and some delicious food with reviews!!


One Response to “40 Days to Fit”

  1. Dana July 21, 2009 at 10:56 pm #

    Awesome! I think it will be a cool challenge. I came home from work exhausted after 12 hours but stuck to my work out plan! Woo – go us!! Thanks for the link!Danawww.eatsleepgetfit.com

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