Reviews, Sweatiness, and General Updates

21 Jul

On Sunday after lounging around for a while, I ran a few errands- Walmart to get a new coffee maker, Hollywood Tans to cancel my membership, and Super G to grab some groceries. That night, I made the Kashi thin crust mushroom and spinach pizza. I added some low-fat cheese and low-fat bacon bits to it, making half the pizza around 400-450 calories. I thought it was delicious! Two huge thumps up from me! I can tell this will be a “go-to dinner” for me a lot. I changed up the cooking instructions a bit. The instructions said I should bake it right on the rack, but I put it on a Pampered Chef baking stone instead.

I also tried one of the new (I guess they’re new.. they’re new to me anyways) Fuze drinks. This one was the Pomegranate Acai Berry Slenderize. The whole bottle was 20 calories. As you can see, I gave it a thumbs up! I stocked up tonight with some of the other flavors like Tropical Punch and Strawberry Melon.

I spent Sunday evening cleaning the house. I made a commitment to myself to start getting things ready in the evening for the next day. I had been showing up to work kind of late, so I wanted to start getting out the door sooner every morning.

One thing I knew I needed to do was end my morning coffee runs to Wawa. By buying a coffee maker, I could now save money and calories. Wawa doesn’t offer soy milk, so now I could make coffee at home with milk my stomach agrees with., and I could save some calories. I bought this cute 5-cup coffee maker. I know I should stop using Sweet-n-Lo, but one addiction at a time!

I love starting my morning off right with ironed clothes, freshly made coffee, and plenty of time to enjoy my morning and read some blogs before heading off to work. Now, I need to work on getting up even earlier to do some morning yoga!

Monday started off wonderfully with my new morning routine, but work was hectic with two people out, and I was stuck doing their work. I got so tied up with work that I didn’t eat until 2:30. Bad, bad, Andrea! I was glad to get home and head out to the trail. Sunday is a 5 mile race, so my mom came up with a good training plan for this week since I know I can’t run 5 miles straight yet. She said I should run 1 mile, walk/jog mile 2, and run the 3rd mile. Then, I’ll do the same thing on Wednesday but increase it by 2 miles. So I took her advice and did exactly that. It was fantastic! I didn’t time myself because I didn’t want to put pressure on myself, but I felt pretty good. In fact, the third mile felt the best. I realized I have been swinging my arms side-to-side, so I focused on them going front-to-back, and I felt so much better. Here’s a picture of part of my little slice of heaven a.k.a. Breakwater Trail.

I’ve been inspired by Prior Fat Girl’s sweaty pictures that I started taking my own. Here’s me after my 3 mile work-out today. I guess you can’t tell how much I was sweating, but my braids were soaked, and even the brim of my hat was wet with sweat.

Today (Tuesday) was not as hectic as yesterday, even though 4 people were out. The office was pretty quiet with just me and my brother there (we own a family mortgage business).

I’ve been having Chobani Greek Yogurt almost every day with blueberries. I loved it when I first tried, but then my mom told me she thought it tasted like sour cream, so I’ve been trying to get over that ever since then. I bought some other flavors tonight at the grocery store like strawberry and pineapple. I made the Kashi pizza again tonight for dinner.

Tonight’s work-out was a 10.4 mile ride on the stationary bike at the Y. I did 9.5 miles in 30 minutes and a 5 minute cool-down the rest of the way. My back’s been jacked up since last Wednesday’s 5K, so I hope it starts feeling better by Sunday’s race. Should I ice it or put heat on it? I’ve tried several hot baths with no success. Here’s today’s sweaty picture.

So tomorrow’s plan is to head back out to the trail after work to continue my training for the 5 mile race. I run better at races if I take 2 days off completely prior to race day, so I’ll be taking Friday and Saturday off. Maybe I’ll some yoga, but that’s it.

That’s all for now. Have a fabulous Hump Day!


2 Responses to “Reviews, Sweatiness, and General Updates”

  1. SassyCassie July 22, 2009 at 8:35 am #

    That trail looks beautiful!

  2. Devon July 22, 2009 at 9:24 am #

    So jealous that you have a trail to run!And those Fuze drinks are super yummy!

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