You know what sucks about running?

28 Jul
When an old, saggy-skinned man beats you at a race. Yes, that’s what sucks. And what else? Throwing up on yourself 10 feet from the finish line while there’s photographers taking your picture. That might suck worse than being beat by the old man, but whatever.
But…. there are so many more things that make running the new love of my life. I have come sooo far since May, and I owe that to running.
I knew I had to run/walk this 5 mile race, but when I was walking, I was seriously wishing I could have been running because it just feels so wonderful. (plus, I don’t notice the chaffing on the inside of my thighs so much when I’m running) But I just couldn’t run the whole thing. I deviated from my plan, and I ended up running the first mile and run/walking the rest (mostly running). I wanted to just go with what my body was feeling. My first and second miles were both 11 minutes, but I didn’t keep track of my splits for the rest of the run. I felt really good throughout the entire race. A majority of the course weaved throughout a neighborhood, and thankfully, some of the neighbors were out watching the race and cheering everyone on. And some of them had garden hoses out to spray us down as we ran by. My legs started getting tingly in the last mile, which by the way was pretty much a straight-away, and the sun was BLARING! It was have been about 90 degrees, and it was only 8am.
I was thinking the whole time I could finish in under an hour. However, my urge to vom all over the road stopped me from finishing the race strong, and I came in at 60:38. I figure it’s good enough for my first 5 miler. It’s about a 12:07 minute mile.
I would have posted this earlier, but I was waiting on the racing website to post my official time, and I was hoping they would post more pictures. But here’s a picture from the starting line.
Edited to add:
When it came time for the awards, the third place female winner for the 25-29 age group was not in attendance, but I thought I heard the race director say there was no female third place winner for my age group. Well, that would have made me the third place winner if there was no third place. So, I asked the director, and he confirmed there was a third place winner. I just looked up the results, and I was indeed third place because the name written down was actually a male (I looked him up on facebook to be sure of the gender). Should I say something? I think I kinda earned the award, but if I was third out of three people, then I really didn’t “earn” it. I don’t know. I’m rambling. Should I say something? I don’t want to say I found the guy on Facebook, and he’s for sure a dude.

3 Responses to “You know what sucks about running?”

  1. Tiffany July 28, 2009 at 5:50 pm #

    Every 4th of July there is a race from the town of Gothic to Crested Butte, Colorado. It is a 1/3 marathon or 8.75 miles. A few years ago I spend the time and really trained for it but my only goal was to run the whole thing no matter how slow I ran. Here is Colorado we get a ton of Texans each summer. At the start of the race I noticed this older (50 or 60 years old) man in cowboy boots running the race. Shortly after it started some people were giving away beer and beef jerky jiffy sticks. So this old guy stopped while I kept going, I thought good I won't see him again. Well he caught up to me during the last 1/2 mile and would have passed me except that he headed for the bathroom. I would have been horrifed if he had passed me on the Main Street where everyone was watching and seen him pass me. good thing for bathrooms.

  2. SassyCassie July 29, 2009 at 7:25 am #

    I'm so glad you did it! It's definite motivation for me to get out there!

  3. Danielle July 29, 2009 at 10:21 am #

    I'm not sure whether you run in shorts or pants, but I'd highly recommend Body Glide for chafing. I put it anywhere things rub (my feet and around my sports bra, especially!) and it really helps keep the friction down.Go you for finishing the race!

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