Time to Train with Jillian

21 Aug

I just made an eBay purchase I’m very excited about trying! Monica recommended Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones DVD in her blog, so I decided to buy it. With shipping, it was less than $10, so why not? I plan on getting up early to work out with Jillian since I’m falling short with my evening workouts now that I’m spending some evenings with C.

I’m working out this evening with my good friend Ellen, and we’re possibly working out tomorrow morning. It feels soooo good to wake up early on Saturdays to go to the gym with a good friend!
I signed up for another 5K this Sunday. It’s in my neighborhood, so why not crawl out of bed and walk a block to the starting line? I haven’t trained for it at all, but it will feel good to get back into the racing regimine.
And I must confess… I did partake in the Bloomin’ Onion on Wednesday evening. Bad Andrea!
Well, it’s back to work I go….

One Response to “Time to Train with Jillian”

  1. Monica August 22, 2009 at 1:35 pm #

    OMG! I cannot WAIT to hear what you think of this! Good luck on the Surrenders, those are the hardest part for me!!

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