Long overdue update

18 Sep
I had my last weight loss doctor appointment on Monday, and I met his first goal for me, which was 10% (180). I weighed in at 179, a total loss of 21 pounds (by his scale). On my home scale, as of yesterday, I’ve lost 21.8. Yay!!! He made a new goal for me, which is another 10%, putting me at 161. When was the last time I was 161? Oh, probably middle school! I told my dad the doctor’s new goal for me, and he said “he wants you to be even thinner?” Seriously, I’m thin, now? Wow, I’ve never heard that before.
I’ve gotten quite a few compliments at the Y from members who have never even said one word to me. One very nice man said “slimming down, aren’t ya?” So sweet!
I only lost 4 pounds in the last 4 weeks, but I’m bound and determined to lose more than that before my next appointment. This will be the last appointment I have with him in this 6-month session, and it’s not for another 6 weeks. So my goal is 11 pounds in 6 weeks, which will put me at 168. I think I subconsciously didn’t want to lose a lot last month because money’s been tight, and I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes. I did, however, buy new size 12 jeans and black pants at The Limited about a week ago. Remember this post when I complained about how they were fitting like stretch pants? Well, they’re a perfect fit now!
I did a terrible job of journaling last month, so I bought a really nice new journal to keep track of my calories and exercise. And I promise I’ll be better at blogging!
So what do you all think so far of the new season of The Biggest Loser? Would you believe I actually auditioned for this season? My friend Ellen and I traveled up to NYC on a very cold day in February. I had gotten VIP passes from 2 former contestants, so we were seen within 1 hour of the doors opening. Here’s a few pictures…
Me with Jim and Bill from Season 4 (Bill won and Jim was runner-up)

Me and Ellen with Jenn Widder from Season 5
Well, that’s all I can think of now. I’ll be back soon!

3 Responses to “Long overdue update”

  1. Betsy September 18, 2009 at 1:33 pm #

    Yay for you! Congrats on the 10%, I'm still trying to get there and your post is very encouraging!I can't believe you tried out for the Biggest Loser! You would have never made it, even then you were too little!The new season is ok. I haven't found anyone that I'm really excited about, but I'm sure it'll take a few episodes.Keep up the good work!! 🙂

  2. Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's September 19, 2009 at 4:10 pm #

    You have done an amazing job! Keep it up and soo jealous you got to meet all the people from Biggest Loser!! LOVE THAT SHOW!

  3. Tiffany October 6, 2009 at 10:34 am #

    I love the biggest loser. Maybe you will make it next season – actually by then you won't weigh enough =)! It looks like Jim and Bill have both put on weight since they won.

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