Day 2 of Staying Accountable

13 Oct

Wow, I really screwed up today. I went over my calories by 824, and I’m full of excuses. The coffee bar was out of the ingredients that I usually put in my coffee, so I chose something else, and I had no clue how many calories it had in it until just now. My office is still microwave-less ever since my dad almost burnt the place down, so I’ve been choosing some really unhealthy foods for lunch. I really need to start bringing in some more healthy lunches. And it was just a weird day, and I messed up. Plus, I didn’t exercise because I was just too tired.

Tomorrow’s another day.
Oh, today was weigh-in day, and I was 178.6. Just a pound up from last week. I gotta start doing better!

One Response to “Day 2 of Staying Accountable”

  1. Emmett October 14, 2009 at 8:59 am #

    Andrea- I know what you mean about fatty foods at work. I have been there before.As far as exercise goes, its one of those things that isn't easy to get going but once you do, you feel great. I shout for 4 days a week.Emmett

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