Week 2 Day 2

10 Dec

I successfully finished my training run of 6 intervals of 9 minutes each with a 1 minute walk break in between! I traveled 5.06 miles in 59 minutes, which means I broke my PR for a 5 mile run! I ran a 5 miler in the summer, and my time was just over an hour then. Yay for me!!! It was a really windy evening, and my third interval was brutal I was running against the wind the entire time. But the good thing was that it was over 60 degrees, so I wasn’t freezing in the beginning like I have been.

I’ve decided to take Friday off this week and just start running again on Monday. I need to pack and get well rested for my trip to Disney. We’re driving down, and I really don’t want achy joints during a 16 hour drive! I don’t think I’ll be doing the distance I planned on at Disney. Maybe just 3 miles Monday, Wednesday, and Friday…. which reminds me, I need to map out the resort to see how far it is around the resort.
I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday, and it went very well. He had me down as 179 the last time I was there, and I was 182 this time. So it’s a 3 pound gain to him, but I had me down as 176 that day at home, and I was 184.4 yesterday at home (an 8.4 pound gain). But regardless, I’m back on track and ready to lose weight again! My goal for my next appointment (January 8th) is to get to 175, my drivers license weight. I was 183 this morning on my scale, so I lost 1.4 pounds so far!
When I first started seeing my weight loss doctor, he did some blood work on me, and after 6 months, he did some more. Here are the results (I know this is weird stuff to put on here, so skip if you want):
Cholesterol= 193 (normal range is 100-199)
Triglycerides= 259 (normal range is 0-149)
HDL Cholesterol (the good kind)= 39 (normal range is >39)
Cholesterol= 179
Triglycerides= 184
HDL Cholesterol= 42
My triglycerides are still considered “high” but he said that was a BIG drop. And my good cholesterol is in a normal range now.
By the way, if any of you have an iPhone, I found the best food and exercise tracking app. It’s called Lose It! You can add friends, so if you want to add me, my username is udsweetpea. Which brings me to another point, if any of you want a weight loss buddy, I do a lot of texting and emailing, so let me know if you want my number and/or email address. Or you can add me on Facebook. My Facebook badge is over on the right.

3 Responses to “Week 2 Day 2”

  1. Darcie December 10, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog…I ran my first half marathon about a year and a half ago after losing about 80 pounds. If you're wanting a buddy talk you into running in the snow, I'm your girl!

  2. Sarah December 12, 2009 at 9:01 am #

    hi!!!! I am more than ready to finally be your wl buddy! I need you to motivate me daily. Im going to shoot you an email and we can work together to help each other. I am just getting started and have a long way to go!

  3. Amanda, another priorfatgirl December 14, 2009 at 2:20 pm #

    wow wow wow! great job on the running! you inspire me to work way harder and push myself more than i have been 🙂 i know i can do it, so why don't i? i think you've given me the kick in the pants i needed!

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