The Scale No Longer Dictates My Happiness

8 Jan
I read a lot of my old posts in LJ and on here about how upset I would get that the scale either wasn’t moving or it was going up. I used to try to go to the bathroom multiple times before a WW meeting just to be 0.2 pounds less. I’d make sure my hair was as dry as it could be, and there was no way I was wearing jeans there. I know you all have thought like I used to.
But… it’s been a while since I let myself get depressed over the number on the scale. You know why? Because that’s ALL it is! It’s a stupid number. I’d rather take satisfaction in losing an inch in my waist or being able to wear a size smaller. The number on the scale is not the only thing that matters when we’re trying to get healthy.
But I must admit I weigh myself every day. Why? Because it’s taught me a lot about what my body can handle. I’ve learned to expect a 2 pound gain after a Mexican meal, but I know that it’s just because of the salt. There’s no way I literally ate 7000 extra calories to constitute a 2 pound gain.
I now know that as long as I stick to eating the right things and keep running, I’ll eventually see the numbers I want to see on the scale. I don’t care how long it takes me to get to my goal as long as I see physical results. And that’s okay with me because I’m happy with who I am now, scale or no scale.


One Response to “The Scale No Longer Dictates My Happiness”

  1. Cassie January 11, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    Great post! That's the right kind of attitude to have!

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