About to get snowed in

5 Feb

Even with the blizzard approaching, I went in to work today. And get this.. I got there at 8:30! That’s super early for me. I actually got a lot done because it was just me and my dad there, and Brynn (one of my fab co-workers) was there for a few hours too. The phone’s didn’t ring too much, and there was only one client who came in. I packed up a box of our most pressing files to work on at home if we do get snowed in past Sunday. I also prepped a bunch of marketing materials to work on over the weekend.

I’m actually pretty excited to be snowed in. I plan on getting a lot done- work, cleaning the house, cleaning out the car, catching up on the DVR, and I plan on putting a lot of things on eBay. Oh, and I’m going to try and find another stream of income either by looking at jobs on Craigslist, posting my skills on Craigslist to see if someone needs part-time help, or by earning cash by blogging.

I do want to start contacting some companies to see if they’ll maybe sponsor me at some races if I wear their stuff. I don’t know if that will work, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to afford the running gear I need and the travel accomodations. I’m almost thinking about dropping out of the NYC Half.

But even though I shouldn’t be browsing catalogs and such, I received the Athleta catalog in the mail yesterday, and I instantly fell in love with everything in the catalog!!!

But… everything I liked was over $80! I think I found something I liked and wanted on every page. I fell in love with this running outfit…

Things I need for the half-marathon:

  • new running shoes
  • ear buds that fit my freakishly small ears
  • maybe a hat
  • maybe some sunglasses
  • new sports bra

Ok, time to make dinner!


2 Responses to “About to get snowed in”

  1. Jenna February 5, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    Hey Andrea just wanted to let you know I finally tried out a TurboJam workout (I’ve been under the weather this week or I would have tried it sooner) and I LOVED it! Can’t wait to try more. Thanks sooo much!

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