Days 2, 3, and 4 of Orlando Trip

29 Mar

I got up at 5am on Friday morning, got ready, headed to Starbucks, and got to class a little bit before 8am. I really thought this class was going to be a breeze because I’ve been in the mortgage business for 4 years, and the class is geared towards newbies. Well, the first class was all about Florida law. Class was from 8-4:30, but we got an hour break for lunch, which I spent at Celebration Town Tavern. I had a mug of Lobster Chowder and a small house salad. During lunch, I was emailing back and forth with my dad, who told me he really thinks I’m an important asset to the company. And while he wants me to be happy, I think he wants me to stay in Delaware. My heart just sinks knowing my parents don’t want me to move, but I think moving back to Florida will make me happy. So this just set my mind on fire with ideas on how to logistically move to Florida and what exactly I’d do for a job.

After class, I headed right on over to the Celebration Hotel to check in for the next few nights. Can I just tell you how much I needed some luxury in my life after driving around in a crap rental car and staying at the jail cell that was my La Quinta room? Love this hotel!

The scent of the lotion, conditioner, and shampoo is absolutely amazing! I’ve been stashing them away every day just so the housekeeper will give me more. Hehehe 🙂

I was still so tired from not sleeping before my flight, so I laid down for a nap, which turned in to a full night’s sleep.

Saturday was another full day of class, but it moved on from law to the more basic mortgage stuff, so it turned into a pretty boring day for me. However, when it came time for lunch, I discovered the rental car’s battery died. So, I had to hunt down someone with jumper cables, and thankfully, the car parked next to mine was my teacher’s, so she was able to help. But, I only had 30 minutes left of my hour break, and I couldn’t turn the car off for fear the battery might die again. So, my only option was to go to a drive-thru. Bleck!!

After class, I went to look at another apartment in Celebration. This one was a bit cheaper, but it was only a 1 bedroom with a den and 1 bathroom. No garage. There was no one living in this one, and the agent just gave me the code to get in by myself, so I had plenty of time to look around and take pictures.

living area and sunroom

Master bedroom

Street view

Although this apartment is about $300/month less than the other one, I didn’t fall in love with it. Plus, the other one has a garage and a second bathroom. And the other one felt more sunshiney (I know that’s not a word). After looking around the apartment, I headed back to the hotel, changed in to running clothes, and headed out for a walk/jog. I spent about 40 minutes mostly walking with a little 10 minute easy jog. My left knee is still bothering me, and my right hamstring feels pulled. I took a few pictures while I was out roaming around the neighborhood.

After my run, I enjoyed a small dinner at the Tavern again. It was full of young people, which gave me more hope that Celebration is more than a retirement community 😉

After dinner, it was time to soak in the hotel’s hot tub. I was only in there for a few minutes before I was joined by a young couple. How awkward.

Sunday was our last day in class, and by this time, we all had become friends and exchanged business cards/phone numbers. I look forward to seeing how they all do in the industry. We took a one-hour lunch break, and unfortunately, the decision was made to go to Golden Corral. At least it was easy to make vegetarian choices there. The class ended with a practice test of 100 questions, and I only got 5 or 6 wrong. Woohoo!

I went over to the Market Street Cafe again for dinner and had a cup of mushroom soup and a taco salad. The soup, which I had on Thursday as well, was delicious, but the salad just didn’t taste right. But the service was much better than it was on Thursday.

So here it is Monday, and I’m checking out of my hotel in a few minutes, which leaves me with a few hours to kill before I head back to the airport. So, I’m going to go see Remember Me and catch a small lunch at T-Rex or Rainforest Cafe.

I’m excited to get back home and talk to my parents about the decisions I need to make regarding my move to Florida.

Catch you back in Delaware!


One Response to “Days 2, 3, and 4 of Orlando Trip”

  1. Jennifer March 29, 2010 at 3:46 pm #

    Try not to worry, I don’t think Celebration is a retirement community at all. In my experience there, lots of young families, and singles too. In fact, someone was trying to start a singles club there recently (even though I moved out of there a few years ago, I’m still part of their “front porch” intranet site for residents, they never took me off). The Town Tavern is a really nice place, that outdoor bar area is brand new, they just finished re-doing it, and it’s beautiful. They have some nighttime events, I believe. I think Karaoke on Fri or Sat nights. My mother lives in Mirasol, off Celebration Ave near town, and she goes to their karaoke and loves it. She’s 60, but I know a lot of young people go too!

    I love the Celebration Hotel, isn’t that place the best! Glad you got to take a walk/run around town, that is one thing I really miss doing there, I used to run all around that place, it’s just the prettiest town, IMO.

    Glad you had a nice trip! I’m actually missing Celebration right now – I usually go about once a week to hang out, but at this point, I’m going on close to 3 weeks since I’ve been there. I just adore that town.

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