Something Old, Something New

15 Apr

Something Old (or just familiar)

Tonight’s training called for a 1.5 mile run. Because I don’t have a Garmin or a marked trail for half miles, I headed to the Y to hit the treadmill for this run like I did on Monday. It wasn’t quite as difficult, and I didn’t catch myself wanting to walk as much as I did on Monday. After a half mile, my legs felt like concrete bricks. But I kept going. I even wore my NYC Half Marathon shirt for extra motivation today. 🙂 But I forgot to take a picture. Whoops!

I finished 1.5 miles in 16:10, a 10:46 pace. No walking! Just a little slower than I was on Monday.

But I accidentally left my headphones at home, so I had to run music-less today, and it actually didn’t even phase me.

I’ve just run 3 consecutive days. They haven’t been long distances, but considering I’ve always taken a rest day in between runs, I think I’ve done really well this week. I’m proud 🙂

I plan on doing another 5K this Sunday!

Something New

I’ve been trying to think of some after-dinner snacks other than ice cream that would satisfy my sweet tooth, and I’ve also been craving the Oikos Greek yogurt since seeing it on Meghann’s blog. So I combined the two and ended up FINALLY finding the yogurt and made it my dessert this evening! I’ve been searching store after store for this yogurt. I didn’t know it was such a rarity around here.

I tried the Chocolate flavor, and it was delicious and just the right sweetness!



Surprise! Chocolate hidden underneath.



Tomorrow’s Friday! Do you have any interesting weekend plans? I’ll be running the 5K on Sunday, but Saturday will be full of packing for my big move!


4 Responses to “Something Old, Something New”

  1. Caren April 15, 2010 at 9:42 pm #

    Sounds like you’re doing fantastic with the running progress. I find that my legs always feel like concrete until at least after the first mile.

    I tried that chocolate yogurt and really didn’t care for it and I SO wanted to. Do you have Trader Joe’s near you? They have a fantastic “European” yogurt in either Mocha or Chocolate flavor that I simply cannot get enough of. Also, I love me some VitaTops… have you tried them? YUM!

  2. Jules April 16, 2010 at 8:38 am #

    I am addicted to ice cream at night! I find that when I am counting my calories, or at least limiting them and losing weight, that I eat a small ice cream every night. I have like 10 different boxes of 50-160 calorie ice cream bars/cones in my freezer. Im a nut! Also, at walmart they have a small box (6 pack) of chocolate covered raisenets. I really like them. THey are 150 calories and hit the spot! Although raisins have a lot of suger (natural).

    Good job on three days in a row of running! 🙂 The first mile is always so hard! It is crazy! I guess it takes positive self talk to make it through to the running high 🙂 Good luck on your 5k this weekend!

  3. Caroline April 16, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    Good job with the running! Have you tried You could map out routes (or look up some others have used) before you head out.

  4. Gracie @ Girl Meets Health April 17, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Way to go with running! I can’t even imagine running without music, so that’s quite impressive 😉

    Isn’t chocolate Oikos amazing?! I’ve been on the prowl for the caramel flavor for weeks now but can’t find it :/

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