Girls Day

24 Apr

Yesterday, I made plans with my friend Ellen for today to go to a holistic health fair I found in the paper. With only a little more than a month left before I move to Orlando, I’ve really been trying to do more out and about in the community and spend time with the people I care about.


So, at 12:30, she and Holly picked me up to go to lunch at Arena’s at the downtown Rehoboth Beach location. It was packed, and we got a great table in the sunshine outside.


I ordered a Victory Golden Monkey… mmmm.




I used to go to Victory Brewing all the time with Jeff for dinner. Now it’s just nice to have a beer and reminisce.

We split some unpictured cheese fries, and I ordered the Sedona Burger, a veggie burger with guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and melted cheese.


And coincidentally, we struck up a conversation with the parents at the table next to us, and they were marathon runners. The dad, who was HOT by the way, ran his first without any training. How do people do that?! Amazing but yet kinda silly. He took our picture 🙂


After lunch, we headed down to the boardwalk to make sure the ocean was still there. It was.


(yes, if you’re wondering, I HAVE gained weight)


And some views of Rehoboth Beach…






We stopped in this Claire’s look-a-like store and got a big giggle out of the scrunchie and clip bins…


It was as if the 90s sprouted again and hit Rehoboth hard.



Ellen loved that rhinestone bracelet 😉


We then moved on to the high school where the holistic health fair was going on.



This guy was in that corner doing yoga for quite some time.


I thought there would be more fun freebies, but we didn’t get too much. But I did get a free neck scan, and she said there was more heat on one side of my neck than the other, so she suggested I see a chiropractor. She said people with this problem often have tension headaches and a low immune system. Well, I never get headaches, and I rarely get sick. My problem is my lower back, and when I told her about how my back arches and that I’m a runner, she put it all together. Runners with highly arched backs tend to have problems with their upper spine as well as their lower spine. Makes sense.


Tomorrow’s plans might include a 5K, but it’s supposed to rain. I really don’t feel like running in the rain tomorrow.


How’s your weekend been?


3 Responses to “Girls Day”

  1. runninginpinkproject April 25, 2010 at 8:51 am #

    A Girls Day Out is the best! Looks like fun. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I didn’t realize you lived at/near Rehoboth Beach. I have only been a couple of times but I love it there. I had the best lobster wantons at a restaurant there once. 🙂

  2. John April 25, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    Weekend was good as my brother got married and my other brother proposed to his girlfriend!

  3. tropicaleats April 25, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    ooh that sedona burger looks awesome! i ate at a Kohr Bros in Ocean City, NJ once and it was sooo tasty. Looks like a fun weekend!

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