Social Media Day in Milford

1 Jul

In honor of yesterday’s National Social Media Day, I attended a tweetup at Abbott’s in Milford with my mom and some other friends.


Abbott’s has quickly become Milford’s best restaurant… hands down! The food is phenomenal, the prices are reasonable, the servers are proficient and friendly, and they have awesome events. For example, last night was ladies night with 25% food and drink, music in the bar area, and a local jewelry designer was in the bar holding a jewelry party. I think that’s an awesome idea to infuse ladies night with a way for a local business person to showcase their talents.

I used to work at Abbott’s, but seriously, there’s no bias here! The dining room is so elegant yet simple.


And then the bar is THE place to be!



(photo credit: Facebook)

We all enjoyed wonderful food and drinks last night, and we all learned about each other’s businesses and shared some social media tips. I told them about Megan’s Twitter story about how she flew to DC and forgot her wallet at home, and local bloggers came to her rescue because she tweeted about her predicament on Twitter. The power of social media! Some of them didn’t know about etsy or how to find Twitter users in your own area, so I shared both of those things with them.




That’s Lisa, the organizer of the event. Her personality just shines! I’d sit and talk with her all night if I could. She has the funniest stories!

Don’t you just love the outside patio area at Abbott’s?




We all did what any other social media would do at a tweetup… we checked in on Facebook and Foursquare.


We chowed down, chatted, and shared hugs with old friends!


I love going to events with my mom 🙂


I had so much fun! Milford needs more events like this!

So… did you attend a social media event for Social Media Day?


One Response to “Social Media Day in Milford”

  1. Tia Lisa Mallard July 1, 2011 at 1:20 pm #

    Andrea, I love talking with you and your mom! I had a great time and was so glad that you both came. I wish you great things in life.

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