Fourth of July Recap and Moving In

6 Jul

Fourth of July morning and afternoon was spent eating breakfast and napping, or at least my parents napped. I blogged about my move to Orlando.

When late afternoon came, we headed to the pool! Late afternoons and evenings in Orlando have been surprisingly pleasant and enjoyable, weather-wise.




That evening, we got ready to head over to Celebration, where they were celebrating the Fourth with a fireworks display, 80s costume contest, and live music.


(like my tan line? haha)







This place was PACKED! People kept coming and coming! Thank goodness I have my own carport so we had guaranteed parking.

Fireworks started a little after 9:30.



The next day was move-in day! We started unpacking boxes and bags (I transport clothes and bags.. hehe) around 8:15 and the movers from Two Men and a Truck arrived at 9:30. Unfortunately, upon unpacking, I discovered the movers who packed the truck destroyed a bedside table, a lamp, and did a generally poor job making sure large, heavy things didn’t fall on small, unstable things. I knew there would be some casualties, but this was too much. I got cranky quick. My attitude got even worse when I realized some of the fabric on my sectional was ripped, and some of the woodwork around the bottom was scratched. I know I shouldn’t be mad, but I saved for that couch for 2 years and paid cash for it. That’s big for someone who charged everything before. But anyway, after 3 hours, my new home was packed with boxes!




But I put together my bed.


It was 1 when we decided to take a break and find lunch at the Celebration Town Tavern.


where I ordered the vegetable quesadilla, which was very delicious!


We got there just in time to catch the Casey Anthony verdict.


I didn’t watch the trial too much, so I can’t really give an opinion. My only opinion is that I cannot judge the jury and their decision. They didn’t get the luxury of getting opinions of newscasters day in and day out. They had to take what they were given in the court room, and I’m assuming what the prosecution presented was clearly not enough to convict her.

Anyway, after lunch, I waited for the Comcast guy. He arrived a little after 5 and soon after his arrival, he told me he couldn’t install anything because the utility closet in my building was locked. Lovely. I called Comcast to reschedule. They said Friday would be the earliest time available. Not good enough because my work-at-home job depends on the internet. So the Comcast lady told me someone would call me in the next few hours about an earlier timeslot.

In the meantime, my parents and I headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at T-Rex.



The bar area was topped with this enormous, moving octopus and jellyfish.


The ice cave changed colors from blue to red when there was a “meteor shower” every 15 minutes.



I ordered the Paleozoic Chicken Sandwich, which was on a pizza dough roll with chicken, lettuce, avocado, bacon, pepperjack cheese, and a lemon aioli sauce. So tasty!





Can you tell I’m a fan of this bar?!?!



Ok.. moving on. I was such a fan of this restaurant, I asked our server if they were hiring server. She responded with a resounding “YES! Definitely yes!” She gave me an application and told me to come back tomorrow. While I have a full-time job, a part-time waitressing job would really help pay off some debt!

We walked around Downtown Disney a bit more and enjoyed some people-watching.





I’m seriously swooning over this bag!


I never did get a call from Comcast last night, so I called them today (Wednesday) and ended up setting up the appointment for Friday after all. I had had enough of their poor communication and bad customer service. I was tired of hearing “sorry for the inconvenience”. And I went to the interview today at T-Rex to only find out that they are truly not hiring. #FAIL.

With the poor Comcast experience, no job at T-Rex, and the impending “goodbye” with my parents, I was in a really foul mood, so I enjoyed an eye brow wax and now I’m at Starbucks using their wifi. Bad mood almost gone!

Now I must leave my comfortable nest in Starbucks and head back to my place before heading out to meet my parents for dinner and some more pool time!


2 Responses to “Fourth of July Recap and Moving In”

  1. Kelsey July 6, 2011 at 4:13 pm #

    Just curious, did you do anything about the fact that your movers broke so much stuff? Or is it just ‘expected’ and you sign some sort of waiver for it?

  2. Jackie Smith July 6, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

    Moving is the pits! I agree with your evaluation of Comcast–they’re “so sorry” they can’t help you. grrr

    If I was at the Boardwalk I’d hit up Babycakes for a cupcake!

    Soon you’ll be all settled and this will be over. Keep your chin up! 🙂

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