A Walk in the Rain

10 Jul

I woke up feeling just as sad as I was yesterday, but I got up and headed out for some errands.

  • Wireless card for my desktop computer since I STILL don’t have internet, and I thought a wireless card would pick up some neighbor’s internet. No success. All work will be done on the laptop until Wednesday since only the laptop is picking up a signal. Thank goodness for that!
  • Wood glue for the bedside table the movers broke. Regular super glue for the lamp they broke.
  • Other little household things like a plunger, shower caddy, and shower curtain liner (for the guest bath)

(A reader asked if I was going to do anything about getting reimbursed for the broken items. I’m going to look up the waiver we signed and see what I can do)

I’m still working on unpacking. I think my unwritten goal of getting all unpacked by Monday (tomorrow) was a little too lofty.

Around 6, I headed out for a walk. Since I’m new to town, I just buckled on my Garmin and went out not knowing how far I would go. I walked by the closet pool near me, and I found out it only takes about 6 minutes to walk to. Not bad! And then, I found this wonderful trail!!!!

trail 1

I could hear angels singing. No joke.

trail 2

It was slightly drizzling, but under the tree branches, I didn’t feel a drop! The trail plopped me out right out at Artisan Park

trail 4

and then right on to Celebration Blvd.

trail 3

The last mile on Celebration Blvd. was hot and unshaded, but I pulled through it. I finished 3.5 miles tonight, and I can feel the sad feelings melt away.

The evening was rounded out with a little poolside reading 🙂 I like that they had roped off an area for lap-swimming. If I can get enough workouts in by either running, walking, and swimming, I might not have to get a gym membership. I was all alone for a good while, but then a family with loud, obnoxious, rule-breaking kids showed up. I left shortly thereafter and thanked my lucky stars I was raised to not act like a heathen.


Texts and emails from home have made the night even better. Good night!


4 Responses to “A Walk in the Rain”

  1. Christina Daugherty July 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    Glad your setteling in. 🙂 im sure it will be like home soon

  2. Sophie @ threetimesf July 11, 2011 at 11:53 am #

    That walk looks amazing – you have some great scenery! I’m glad to hear you are feeling a little better 🙂

  3. Kerry @ Half Healthy, Half Nuts July 11, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    That trail, no lie, is my FAVORITE place to run in Orlando. It’s shaded, it’s cool, it’s beautiful and the wood is easier on your knees than cement. It’s running utopia! 🙂

  4. Carolina @ Peas in a Blog July 11, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    Wow what a trail, I just got major trail envy!

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