Seniors First Turkey Trot 5K Recap

2 Dec

It had been over a month since I last ran, but I was eager to get back in the game for the Seniors First Turkey Trot 5K with a bunch of my fellow lululemon girls.

start line


This was undoubtedly the largest 5K I’ve ever been a part of. There were 5000 pre-registrants, and I don’t even know how many registered on the day of the race. It was a crowded race the whole time, to say the least. The course circled around Lake Eola, and most of the run was on cobblestone roads, which were still filled with parked cars. There was lots of bottle-necking, and many of us tried to run on the sidewalks to eliminate the need to run on the cobblestone. I stuck to the sidewalks, but this is also where people came to pull off and walk right in front of me. (I wore the cutest lululemon running outfit, and I totally forgot to take a picture of myself all day!)

lake eola

Despite not running for over a month, I felt extremely strong throughout the whole race and only needed a few, very quick walk breaks. I think knowing my lululemon friends were in the race with me really inspired me.


Mile 1- 10:57

Mile 2- 11:27

Mile 3- 11:29

The last 1.6 (I guess my sidewalk weaving made the course “long”)- 1:40 … a 10:02 pace

Total- 35:33

I’m extremely proud of my time (it’s one of my better times), and it give me the motivation I needed to rethink signing up for the WDW Marathon. Unfortunately, my plantar fasciitis came barreling back, and I had a hard time walking after a while after the race.

Right after the race, we all got together at Laura’s house for a pumpkin-filled breakfast! What a way to start Thanksgiving morning, right?

We started with pumpkin white mocha hot chocolate made with coconut milk. Absolutely delicious!

pumpkin white mocha hot chocolate

There were pumpkin scones…





Pumpkin beer bread, eggs, pumpkin pancakes, and fruit.


And of course, we all sat around and watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

nicole jessica


Although my family is a thousand miles away, I’m so thankful to have my Florida “family” here. They made the day so special!

Did you run a Turkey Trot this year?


4 Responses to “Seniors First Turkey Trot 5K Recap”

  1. wdwalone December 3, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

    Great job at your race. Hope the plantar fasciitis is settling down. Looks like a fabulous way to celebrate the race and start Thanksgiving!

  2. Susan December 5, 2011 at 7:04 am #

    No Turkey Trots this year…start time was just too early and we had to travel 1 hour to get to family. Did do a Jingle Bell 5k yesterday and had a total blast with it, there is just something about running with people wearing Christmas attire and Santa hats that puts a smile on your face the whole way through! Also set a new PR for me (38:20), knocking three mintues off my previous best (and only) 5k! If you can find one near you, I highly recommend it just to have some fun.

    Hope the plantars fasciitis settles down. My husband had/has it and I know how painful it is from watching him. This may sound weird, but he found that putting a rolling pin under his foot and rolling back and forth over it really helped. He also had to switch the dress shoes he was wearing for work to something less stylish but better for his feet, which helped a lot.

  3. Victoria @ Running Peanut December 5, 2011 at 1:21 pm #

    aww, wish we’d gotten to see the outfit!

    I ran the trot in Vegas – it was pretty fun. I’m still running the one this weekend, I think. I have a great costume for it! Hope to see you!

  4. Tiffany December 5, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    You might want to see a sports doctor about the plantar facisitis. I gave up running for many months and it did not help it get any better. I started going to physical therapy and that helped quite a bit but did not fix it. I finally got a steriod shot in the foot and that helped big time.

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