A Look Back at Goals from 2011

2 Jan

I personally think the best part of the new year is the brand new, fresh, clean slate we each receive. The second best part is to look back at the past year and see if I accomplished the goals I set out for myself last January 1st.

1. Complete the WDW Marathon– CHECK!

2. Read more– CHECK! I treated myself with a Kindle and read a few classics, the first book of the Hunger Games, and a few silly romance novels. My brother has now loaned me his collection of Harry Potter books.

3. Drink more water– semi-check. I need to work harder on this.

4. Run 1000 miles in 2011– Not a check. 279 miles were run in 2011 instead. I’m not making any excuses for this.

5. Buy my first home– Not a check. But it was a “blessing”, if you will. I wouldn’t have ended up in Orlando had I purchased a home in Delaware.

6. Get back in to my size 10 pants– Not quite. I don’t think I lost (or gained) any weight overall in 2011. I’m not making excuses for this either.

7. Continue to strive for a balance between work and home. – For the most part, CHECK! I’m learning to separate my work life from my home life. I made this goal because I used to work in an actual office and stay there until 10pm sometimes. I now work at home and try to “leave work” by 6pm to enjoy my evenings. I don’t really check emails after I decide to leave my home office for the day. I do need to make more time for cleaning the house on a more consistent basis.

I was hoping to have my goals for 2012 completed before writing this post, but to no avail.

I rather enjoyed my New Year’s Day this year, despite it actually not feeling like a new year whatsoever. I spent the morning with Molly and then headed to the Mall at Millenia because I picked up a shift at the lululemon store (I work at a different store). But before I started my shift, I enjoyed a delicious lunch at Panera. I have an addiction to that place.


It was so awesome spending the afternoon/early evening with the ladies at lululemon! It’s a brand new store, and they offer free classes on Sunday mornings. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming events!


Since I’d be passing Whole Foods on the way home, I decided to indulge in their hot food bar and load up on their macaroni and cheese. Slightly obsessed! And they carry my favorite tea, Honest Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea.



Molly spent her day laying on my luggage. I think she’s secretly letting me know she fits in the bag so I don’t leave her behind next time I fly home.


How did you spend your New Year’s Day?


One Response to “A Look Back at Goals from 2011”

  1. wdwalone January 2, 2012 at 9:18 pm #

    Sounds like a pretty good New Year’s Day. I did a local 5K and then started getting the house ready for my trip to WDW :)!

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