Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo

8 Mar

On Friday, after only a little more than an hour, Bethany, Anne Marie, and I arrived in the beautiful city of Tampa for the Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo at the Tampa Convention Center. It was around 11am, and the expo was hardly crowded.




The courses for the 15K and 5K were both being run right along the bay. Both races were being held on Saturday, and the half marathon would be on Sunday.



We quickly made our way to packet pickup upstairs, where the lines were really short.


We made our way around the entire expo and stopped at almost every booth. We made sure to pick up all of the freebies we could get our fingers on! I even got a sample from the Arctic Ease people even though they weren’t really handing them out. I basically praised the whole company right in front of my friends, so the guy handed the stuff over to me! I used it after the Philly Half and LOVED it! It’s a cold wrap, but it’s not as cold as ice pack, which can be pretty painful.

I knew I had to get a picture in front of this sign!


I also got stuck with a fake tattoo on my arm I didn’t really want. The guy just slapped it on there!


(those green, reusable shopping bags were the goody bag. There wasn’t anything in them, but we did get weekly emails from Publix with “virtual goody bag” stuff like coupons and such)

We also received bright green tech tees, which I completely forgot to take a picture of.

We made sure to find our names on the huge list printed on the wall. There I am!


They also had a lot of great merchandise, but nothing really caught my eye enough to justify the expense.



After about an hour of browsing everything, it was time to check in to the hotel and enjoy some of the weather!



More on our fabulous hotel later!


2 Responses to “Gasparilla Distance Classic Expo”

  1. wdwalone March 8, 2012 at 10:01 pm #

    I’ve heard that this is a fabulous event. Looks like a great expo. Can’t wait to read more!

  2. jan March 9, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    Go girl! You look great!

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